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Saturday, November 17, 2012


O Allah,
I see tears today.
As of the ones I see yesterday.
And many days before.

I see a man,
Running from the bomb dropped in front of his feet,
But not backing, and still trying to win against the army.
Is it the army of men?
No, its the Shaytan in the face of a man.

I glance to the side,
And see a woman.
Grieving over a small body in front of her,
Covered with blood,
And does not seem to breathe anymore.

I stole the sight of another direction,
Wonderful children sitting on earth,
with eyes filled with determination
I see them study under the hot blaze.
before I heard sound of deadly call.

Everything goes dark.

When eyes open,
I want to see them again.
But what's left was dust.
Pieces of clothes.
And bleeding soil.

I can't watch it anymore.
I can't watch these anymore.

O Allah,
protector of all living.
Please let me have the chance to set my feet on Gaza,
and lend me the strength to do anything I can
to help our family there.

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